Our Youth Group is made up of students from 6th-12th grade who are ready to take their faith and put it into action. We have Sunday morning and Wednesday night bible classes taught by knowledgeable, fun teachers, as well as many monthly events: Youth Group Hang Outs, Movie Nights, Service Projects, Singing Nights at the Park, Holiday Parties, and more. Invite a friend and join us for an upcoming event!

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OLCC Youth Group Spring 2024 Classes and Activities
Sunday Morning Bible Class
Jan-Mar:              HS- Life of Moses – Jim Drachenberg, Colden Rich, Chad Dozier
JH- Heroes of the Old Testament – Luke Burnam
Apr-May:              HS- Divided Kingdom – Luke Burnam
JH- The Book of Revelation – Blaine Whitlock and Lucas Holt
Wednesday Night Bible Class
Jan-Mar:              Essential Theology – Luke Burnam and Clinton Perdue
Apr-May:              The Gospel of John – Luke Burnam and Riley Holt
Spring Activities
Jan:        14- HS Hang @ the Rektenwald’s, 6-8 pm
                20- Service Saturday, 9 am-2 pm
                21- JH Hang @ Holden’s, 6-8 pm
                28- All YG Hang
Feb:       2- REEL Faith
                4- REGISTRATION DEADLINE: T3 Youth Commission – Register Here
                11- Herd, C+C, YAK Superbowl Party
                13- Valentine’s Day Babysitting Service Project, 5:30-8:30 pm
                16-18- T3 Youth Commission
                25- JH Hang @ Jet’s, 6-8:30 pm
Mar:      1- Singing and Game Night @ ACU, 7-8:30 pm
                10- HS Hang
                17- JH Hang
                29-30- LTC Convention
                31- Easter Egg Hunt Service Project and All YG Hang, 6-8 pm
Apr:       14- HS Hang
                20- Service Project, 9 am-2 pm
                21- JH Hang @ Ella’s, 6-8 pm
                28- Senior Sunday
May:      3- HS REEL Faith
11- JH Service Saturday, 9 am-2pm
                19- All YG Hang
                31- Summer Kick-Off Lock-in, 9 pm-8 am