Our Plans

Below you will find detailed information about the proposed Family Center.  This plan has been carefully and prayerfully designed to address the project growth needs of the Oldham Lane Church of Christ.

The site plan shows the relation of the current facility and the proposed Family Center which will accommodate a 60% growth in attendance for Bible Classes. It also provides more space for fellowship and ministries such as Preacher Training Camp and Shine.


The family center has been designed to have a large degree of flexibility in its use.  More than 1/3 of the building has flexible use capability. It has 5 classrooms, one with access to the kitchen. Here the large room is setup for an event.  Note the following:

  1. There is a special event room (Top Right) for baby showers, bridal and wedding showers, small groups, funeral meals, anniversaries, etc.
  2. It is connected to the kitchen which is twice the size of our current kitchen. It has great access to the large room and the special events room.
  3. The Youth Room (lower right) will seat over 100 youth and provide more space for Bible classes, devotionals, and fellowship space.
  4. The bottom three classrooms are each 10% larger than our current Solo Servants and Young Adult Class. They will seat 60-100 people depending on the arrangement.


Here is another view with the large room setup for a class.  The large room will accommodate approximately 400 people for an event, but is expandable to 600 by opening the adjacent classroom walls. It will also provide fellowship opportunities among members and for outreach.  Note the following:

  1. The large room is 35% larger than the current fellowship space we have.  When the 3 classroom walls are slid open it become twice the size of our current fellowship space.
  2. The bathrooms include showers, allowing us to house the students for Preacher Training Camp, Shine, and other events.
  3. The foyer doubles as the serving area, allowing the entire fellowship space to be used for fellowship and activities.


This view is from the North.  Note the covered drive-through which attaches to the kitchen.


This view is from the West and demonstrates how the Family Center will be attached to the current facility.


This image shows the incredible outdoor fellowship space created between the existing and proposed facility.  You can also see here the covered area that can easily be converted to three additional classrooms as we continue to grow.